Full Loan Cycle Management

Rich and sophisticated loans module with integrated customizable workflows

Integrated Workflow Management

Decision making support, with tools for financial analysis, scoring and rating

API Integration

Omni-channel & API to plug-in 3rd party channel solutions


Current Accounts and Saving Accounts

Scoring Module

Use the powerful reporting engine and data collection tool


Accounting module for easy and compliant management.


Know your customer with a refreshed  monitoring module


A single electronic archive to store and organize scanned and uploaded documents

End-User Reporting

Create and edit end-user custom reports according to your institution’s needs


An inbuilt calendar for organizing daily work activities

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A powerful digital transformation tool supporting your digital transformation journey

Developed based on more than 35 years of experience in providing technical solutions to banks and financial institutions in developing markets around the globe.

The digital financial platform that enables institutions roll out their digitalization agenda for enhancing financial inclusion in developing countries and supporting local development. A comprehensive digital transformation solution for most financial institutions, irrespective of their operating market, local regulations or the needs of end-customers.

In developing QWare, we brought together our insights and innovation drive with our long-term expertise to specifically adapt the service to the actual needs of diverse financial institutions.

We have done so without compromising on quality, stability and security, and keeping all functionalities essential to efficient day-to-day operations and long-term strategic activity, without overburdening the application with unnecessary features.

Backed by former on-prem core banking technology, it was tailored to fit the needs of financial institutions that provide financial services to individuals and businesses with limited or no access to corporate banks.

Designed to be a standard cloud-based “plug-and-play” software that requires minimum time and resources for customization, implementation, maintenance, and post-implementation modification). It provides all the required built-in functionalities for current accounts, savings accounts, loans, and accounting.

Product Features

Use the key functional modules of the system that will allow for smooth operations in managing your clients

This is the core of the system’s customer database and provides a set of functionalities for registering various types of clients including private individuals, legal entities, informal businesses etc. Each client type requires different information to be entered and specific validations, and QWare is flexible in allowing for such data varieties.

The system supports standard savings and deposit functionalities including the opening and managing of savings accounts, cash withdrawals and deposits, savings as cash collateral.

The current accounts functionality includes opening and managing of current accounts, transfers, loans disbursement to current accounts, repayments from current accounts, and cheques.

QWare has a rich and sophisticated loans module with integrated customizable workflows including, but not limited to, business loans, consumer loans, loans for agricultural borrowers. On demand this module comes with a complex scoring functionality which assists the credit analysis and an automation of the decision-making process. Managing of collaterals, repayments and customer relations is also supported. Portfolio management includes adjusting conditions of individual loans, restructuring, irregular payments.

Standard cash box operations include cash deposit and withdrawal, managing cashiers, and vault operations.

Allows for registration and bundling for automated processing, endorsements and deposits, disbursement and repayments of loans using cheques.

QWare offers basic accounting which contains a general ledger, configurable chart of accounts, automated bookings of transactions, allowing for easy and compliant management.

QWare comes with a set of predefined reports. It also provides an option tailoring these reports to the needs of each financial institution, to make reports relevant for own business and different stakeholders.

All information is stored in a single centralized database with a possibility of viewing consolidated data and/or segmented by branches, departments and individual users.

There is no other way to do business today and ensure success – technology drives innovation and ensures cost efficiency.

Cloud speeds innovation while meeting complex industry requirements, and it offers a competitive advantage that you should not miss on

Gaining comprehensive digital capabilities can transform your business and determine your success, while contributing to a sustainable ecosystem of innovation and mutual support.

We stand behind the evolution of intelligent and responsible banking and aim to provide the technology for supporting better financial services.

We strive for building a sustainable relationship with clients, understanding needs and changing needs, thus transforming customer experience

We are putting technology to work to extend financial inclusion and comes as a software for responsible savings and lending culture promotion, integrating innovative solution for particular markets, such as mobile money integration, for enhancing security and accessibility.