Our Services

The SaaS Core-Banking that allows you to grow


As we understand that capacities of businesses differ, and some projects need additional support, we are ready to assist you from the very beginning with a dedicated team of experts. Together we assess the timeframe and effort suitable for your institution.

Smooth and straightforward onboarding process – we guide you through each step of your digital transformation from platform adoption to staff training.

Complementary onboarding online assistance package, and will support your understanding of future upgrades.


Eliminates the expense of on-premise hosting and infrastructure management

Use solutions which are scaled and priced to support your development – pay for advanced core-banking features fitted to your institution’s current size, with no compromise on the power of your software, which will effortlessly adapt to the growth of your business going forward

Transparent pricing allows for your business to scale naturally, without burdening your financials, while reducing your operating expense.

You pay a yearly fee determined by the standard functionalities and any additional you choose, and scaled to the number of clients that you have.

In addition to the standard version, optional modules are available. These can be integrated to the system and total package at a fixed cost, for clear financial planification and control.

We will be pleased to advise you on the most adequate internet solution to accommodate your business needs and scale accordingly

Process efficiency

Efficiency is core, and technology is the driving force for operating such a business – with integrated workflows which enable standardization and efficiency across operations, QWare simplifies work significantly

With a business process management which is straight forward, with standard business workflows, and which enables report automation and real time processing, you have an integrated business solution which will allow you to streamline costs and scale growth.

Risk management

We built our software on a robust foundation, with architecture that is compliant to E.U. Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), following best practices and models which were tested over many years in our projects implemented world-wide

Risk control is at the core of our approach, as is data integrity

Simple data extraction and relevant reports support business decisions and strategy defining


As a core banking solution in the cloud, QWare is a sophisticated, compact software for your business, which any team can understand and use, bringing transparency with a convenient tool

Our extensive parametrization efforts, API integration guarantees, and adaptability facilities make for an advanced platform that allows to be adapted for any business size – today and in the future

The modular design and scalable framework allow for incremental deployments making QWare an efficient and flexible IT infrastructure for you

Our intuitive user interface lays on top of an advanced software with extended functionalities, supporting easy use for complex possibilities.

Field Application (Add-on)

QWare comes with the possibility of integrating a Field Application, adding in this way a digital channel that extends the financial institutions’ outreach to as many clients as possible, outside the branches.

The Field Application can be used by employees or authorized third-party agents on behalf of the financial institution, for customer onboarding and customer care for loan and retail products.

This facilitates reaching customers in remote areas, anytime and anywhere, curating and increasing market share and also accelerating financial inclusion.