Document Management System

QWare Document Management System supports the electronic storage, management and tracking of electronic documents, allowing a financial institution to use a single electronic archive to store and organize scanned and uploaded documents.

This system is essential for business automatization, simplifying and making operations more efficient while reducing the risks and costs associated with storing paper documents. By reducing paper consumption, DMS also contributes to a financial institution’s environmental performance.

QWare is a complete business solution, with DMS being fully integrated with the workflow engine. In this way, efficiency is increased across all operations, which are supported by stored documents throughout the entire process (in a Loan origination process for example).

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Advantages of QWare Documentation Management System:

  • Flexible storing and fast searching of data
  • Very simple to use
  • Efficiency and productivity in business processes
  • Compliance with regulatory, legal, and quality requirements
  • Faster process cycle times
  • Reduced costs for paper and storage
  • Secure documents storage (the clients can always rest assured about the privacy and security of their documents) and retrieval (the documents are available immediately for review any time it is needed)
  • Integration with other applications

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